Wisk Playday Mobile Playground

The Situation: 

In an effort to increase awareness, trial and loyalty for its Wisk detergent brand, Unilever and its agency CMI developed Wisk PlayDay, a branded touring attraction that encouraged active outdoor play for children. The concept was to generate trial for the new Wisk Sport detergent by letting the kids get dirty in a themed playground environment, and presenting product samples to grateful parents as their children exit. The Unilever team selected VStar to execute this idea for a fun, functional traveling playground that called for a variety of activities to entertain and educate while encouraging active and imaginative play. Practical necessities also called for it be self-contained, extremely durable, and operable without the need for electric power or water.

The Solution: 

VStar created a 50 x 75-foot transportable “playground” that was designed for maximum fun and active engagement with kids. The brightly-themed activities were all linked together with a “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” theme, with play areas that included a 14-foot Anthill that kids could actually enter. Other playground features included a music zone, art zone, themed rest areas, a giant bubble-producing Wisk Bottle, crawl tubes and a climbable cutaway tree house. Throughout the playground, we chose materials that allowed a realistic, sculpted feel but were also soft, safe, weatherproof and durable. The entire playground packed into a single trailer, with complete training support and easy-to-follow instructions provided for the Unilever staff.