Walker Art Center Mini-Golf

Walker Art Center
The Situation: 

For over 10 years, patrons of the Walker Art Center have looked forward to playing miniature golf on
a course comprising unusual, non-traditional, and downright crazy artist-designed holes set in and
around the lawn of the museum’s iconic Sculpture Garden. As the Walker looked to expand the
course with 10 new (even wackier) holes, it realized that the popularity of this warm weather
attraction had taken its toll in wear and tear, and created the need for greater production integrity
and overall durability for each hole.

The Solution: 

VStar’s designers and craftspeople puttered with the artists’ original designs to create beautiful,
virtually indestructible holes that are also faithful to the artists’ original visions. They are able to
withstand the elements, while ensuring speedy play and reliable functionality over the 40,000+
rounds that museum visitors play each season. Additionally, each hole was built so that it could be
easily broken down for storage at the end of the season and reassembled each spring, looking great,
working well, and confounding art-loving golfers for many years to come.