USS Lexington Museum on the Bay

USS Lexington Museum on the Bay
The Situation: 

The USS Lexington is a retired World War II-vintage aircraft carrier
that now serves as a museum that honors an historic era. Museum
historians knew that this iconic carrier would be relevant to an
older audience as a symbol of The Greatest Generation. The
challenge, however, was to create something that also engaged
teens and 20-somethings, making this historical ship “hip” to a
younger generation.

The Solution: 

Right from the start, VStar hit the target. Our secret weapon? Video
games. Stealthily, we designed and built one-of-a-kind Virtual
Battle Stations. “Air to Air Combat,” “Carrier Landing,” and
“Ships Gunnery” all provide fun and education associated with
The Lexington’s history as an operational aircraft carrier. VStar
brought this history to life, giving visitors the opportunity to
actually defend the carrier, land jets, and engage in virtual
combat. Kids and grown-ups alike feel as if they are part of history,
and the museum is a hit with both visitors and museum
management. As the ship’s Executive Director, Captain Rocco
Montesano, USN (Ret) puts it, “VStar was selected because of their
immediate grasp of the scope of the project, the extraordinary
creativity they demonstrated in their designs, and, most
importantly, their willingness to listen to our suggestions. From
start to finish, everyone associated with VStar was of the highest
professional caliber and were committed to the success of the
project.” Mission accomplished.