Crusher - Maine Red Claws

The Maine Red Claws
The Situation: 

The Maine Red Claws needed a mascot for their new National Basketball Association Development League (NBDL) team. Not surprisingly, they imagined their mascot to be a lobster because of its natural association with the state of Maine. But, they doubted that a lobster mascot would be able to play basketball at all, let alone performer the stunts, slam dunks and other tricks that fans have come to expect.

The Solution: 

Basketball-playing lobsters are no problem for VStar, whose designers and craftspeople know how to engineer costumes that are sleek, ergonomically sound and safe to wear. Of course, the mascot’s desired personality needs to be taken into account. With a name like “Crusher,” this particular character needed to be fierce, but also kid-friendly. VStar begins with the end in mind, choosing materials for comfort, durability, and movement. With any sports mascot, the primary challenge is to create a costume that can really move, affording flexibility and a wide range of motion. It must also be lightweight and durable enough to hold up to physical wear and tear. Crusher’s head, tail, and features were sculpted from ultra-light foam, creating a beloved mascot that’s a slam-dunk for fans.

Crusher - Maine red claws