Target Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

The Situation: 

Target has long supported family-friendly events in communities, nationwide. One of the more high-profile events is the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC, for which Target was a presenting sponsor. With a choice spot in the parade, Target’s event marketing team asked VStar to develop ideas for a parade float that would maximize this promotional opportunity with a creative statement befitting of its hip, sophisticated brand. The float would also need to be easily assembled and ready to join the parade within a three-hour staging window, impervious to the elements, and transportable for multiple appearances throughout the year.

The Solution: 

VStar’s design team developed float concepts based on a variety of traditional Japanese themes and came up with the idea of an iconic, larger-than-life origami version of Bullseye, Target’s beloved canine mascot. The 12-foot “origami” dog was fashioned from aluminum framing and thin, crisp, waterproof fabrics. Additional float features included a thematic Zen-garden platform, an oversized Japanese lantern, and a faux Japanese Wish Tree. A performance team of kimono-clad marchers accompanied the float, some carrying custommade “Bullseye” umbrellas and some “walking” small, custom-made replicas of the origami dog. As it moved down Constitution Avenue, Target’s float was showered with cheers and accolades from the delighted, capacity crowd.