Car Toppers

The Situation: 

Toyota, always on the cutting edge of consumer engagement, was looking for a strategy that would
draw young buyers to their vehicles. So, they made the cars themselves into interactive attractions at
the biggest music and lifestyle festivals in the country. Over the last several years, Toyota and their
agency, REACH, have turned to VStar to create solutions that draw crowds into the cars, where they’re
guaranteed to experience the energy, excitement and fun that the brand represents.

The Solution: 

VStar has become Toyota’s go-to team for the design and fabrication of thematic and attention-getting
dimensional car-toppers based on the creative strategies provided by the agency and brand teams.
Toyota has created in-vehicle attractions that delight and entertain festival goers from Lollapalooza
to Coachella, and VStar’s car-toppers help pull the crowds into the cars. One attraction, turned a
Toyota Corolla into an actual photo booth, featuring a “camera” car topper. Another invited guests to
enter the car for a spirited round of “Whack-a-Hipster.” And another car was topped with a large
crystal ball that enticed people into the vehicle to have their fortunes told. Not surprisingly, their
future outlook frequently included driving a Toyota.