Vince Egan didn't have children, but he fathered a beloved, family-friendly show enjoyed by millions of young people.

"Sesame Street Live," a touring stage show featuring live Muppets singing and dancing, was Egan's brainchild and passion. As owner of the Minnesota-based VEE Corp., Egan managed "Sesame Street Live" for 35 years, making it the longest running live touring show for kids in history.

Egan, 74, of Dayton, Minn., died last Thursday of a heart attack.

Egan traveled the world with his productions, giving speeches when each new show opened and delighting in the faces of exuberant young fans.

"He was really a kid at heart," said friend Carolyn Huble, former vice president of marketing at VEE Corp.

The corporation and its offshoots employed more than 300 people and produced other shows over time, including "My Little Pony" and "Hello Kitty." Egan founded two related companies — one sold concessions and another booked shows internationally.

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