Skye - BCBS Interactive Mascot

Blue Cross Blue Shield
The Situation: 

Blue Cross Blue Shield wanted a life-size interactive character that would match its online digital navigational character, Skye. The owl-like character would represent BCBS and enhance their health care-related brand at community outreach events. The challenge was to transform the technological aspects of the digital version to its live counterpart. Features were to include:
* fully-functioning digital eyes and smart irises
* a QR code scanner
* Wi-Fi enabling beacons
* emotion activated, illuminated heart
* a working mouth with a voice box to relay Skye’s emotions to its visitors.
Blue Cross Blue Shield’s creative agency, Olson, knew just who was up to the task.

The Solution: 

Through an in-depth artistic and color matching approach, VStar's experienced designers and fabricators set about to create a live character with every physical feature that directly matched the digital Skye. Once our electronics division brought each of the technological functions to life, Skye became a darling mascot for BCBS with animated eyes, a flashing heart, projection lights and a range of delightful “chirps.” Event participants that interact with Skye are charmed by her features. Blue Cross Blue Shield was very pleased with this opportunity to expand its brand affinity and increase the value of each consumer interaction.